Friday, April 10, 2009

New house pictures

Ok so i went a little picture crazy but i couldnt help it. Its soooo much fun, and there's so much i want to show you!!!

Living room view from the dining room. Eventually this will be a sitting room cause the living room will be in the basement.

The corner by the stairs in the living room
The kitchen and dining room from the hall.

Living room from the stairs

The boy's closet and book shelf.

Boy's beds

New welcome mat!! Guess who picked it out.

Upstairs hallway. The door is to my bedroom. To the left would be the bathroom. The cabnet holds all the towels.

We painted the trim on the cabnets its not white anymore. Looks sooo much better

The handels and knobs for the kitchen. The background is my new kitchen rug!

Our bedroom all done.

Well give me a week and im sure ill have more for you but thats it for now. Love ya-Jackie

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