Sunday, April 27, 2014


I have Enough tattooed on my wrist as a daily reminder that I am Enough, I am doing Enough, Enough is Enough, and several different versions of it's meaning. It's not magic, it doesn't make all the bad or angry feelings in my head go away like I wanted it to. But it is a reminder that I strive to feel that I am Enough. I believe we all are. I believe that is the way God created us. We are a fluid amount of Enough, which means that sometime we can be packed into small amounts and still be Enough, or stretched beyond belief again, still Enough. It is an ever changing size, shape and mass but it is always Enough for what we need to be doing at that moment in time.
See we measure our Enough against others, and the standards that society has told us is enough. Well that is all a lie! We all have the same Enough inside of us, its just some peoples enough have been stretched, some have been squished into small bits, some have been blown up out of proportion. So remember the next time you feel that you don't have Enough energy, time, money, patience, or (insert here)  you are Enough, and have Enough for that moment, your just measuring your Enough against what others seem to have or what society has told you you should have. Lets stop measuring ourselves by society's standards and lets use God's standards. He made us to be Enough, not society.

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