Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Had a crazy day need to vent...

So Trev and Michael both had doctors appt yesterday and got shots (that sucked) and now Trevor has to have his eyes checked. Yippee something else to worry about. I'm sure he'll be fine i just hate that he is getting older and there are new concerns daily.
Still don't know about that job, I'll find out on Monday if i got it or not. I'm pretty sure i do, but if i assume you know what will happen! I just want to go back to work. I really could care less what I'm doing i just want purpose and money. Not even a lot (which would be nice) but enough to pay my bills and live. Why is it so hard? I just don't get it.
Well i got my student ID in the mail today so i guess that's makes me official!!! Yeah! I'm very excited! I cant wait for school to start, i just hope i can do it. I mean i can but i don't know what to expect so what if i suck at it. God I'm annoying!!!
I had a weird day today and not everyone can understand what i went through. The range of emotions i felt to day were insane. I have to come to some sort of understanding for it all. Sorry I'm so vague just don't really want to go into all the details.
Well if your still here and reading this, go do something productive with your life, I'm gonna go find something to eat for dinner, cause it is WAY to hot to cook tonight. Love you all-Jackie

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