Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You asked for it!!

Ok so my mom loves the boy's pages and wants to see my smiling face as well so here it is...

I do think this is gonna be fun though. I love talking about my self and its a really easy way to keep you all informed on my life. So where to start. Well i get a phone call tomorrow about when I start my new job. I am soooo excited. I just cant even wait. I also start school in Sept. Thats the most exciting probably. Its only taken me 9 years to finally do it, but i am. I'm kinda proud of myself for not putting it off anymore. But we will see how i feel when I'm sitting in a class room again.
Lee and I took the kids up north this weekend. Didnt get to see any fireworks but we still had a blast. Here are some pictures to show you how much fun it was!!!

This is when we got stuck!! It was soo cool!

This is after a great day on the trails!! Check out all the mudd!!!

Sunday we spent on the boat. It was great other than i didnt put sunscreen on my stomach or legs and got burnt. Oh well live and learn right?

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