Monday, July 1, 2013


I am quickly becoming addicted to reading blogs!! Every time I dink around on the internet I find another one! So I was reading an article on the Huntington Post and it linked me to the authors blog. Another score!! I love these women and the way they put life into words! So her post from today was an Alphabet Edition, so I decided to give it a try too.
Here goes:

A: Attached or single?  Attached.
B: Best friend?  Same one since 4th grade.
C: Cake or pie?  PIE!!! Yummy.
D: Day of choice? Saturday, always the fun filled day.
E: Essential item? My husband. I cannot stay sane very long without him.
F: Favorite color?  Purple.
G: Gummy bears of worms?  Worms, not sure why.
H: Hometown?  Lapeer, MI.
I: Favorite indulgence? Sleeping in.
J: January or July?  Both can be fun. I need all my seasons and months!
K: Kids?  Three adorable, loving, drive me crazy boys
L: Life isn't complete without?  My husband, my kids, my parents, my friends
M: Marriage date? November 20. 2010
N: Number of siblings? Well I grew up an only child, when I was 28 I met my half sister from my bio dad. 
O: Oranges or apples?  Hmm that's a hard choice. I guess apples cause I love to bake and the possibilities are endless.
P: Phobias? Birds, bugs, moths, bats, any thing that flies at my head!
Q: Quotes? I love quotes. I have a book I write them in, however I don't have the memory bank capacity to just quote them when necessary. 
R: Reasons to smile? I actually just started a list similar to this yesterday. I am trying hard to find these everyday!
S: Season of choice? Fall, oh the colors :)
T: Tag 5 people.No tagging involved here, if you want to post it on your blog go for it.
U: Unknown fact about me. I hate surprises
V: Vegetable? LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!
W: Worst habit? Social smoking, swearing (not just socially)
X: x-ray or ultrasound? Never had an x-ray. But my ultrasounds were all fun
Y: Your favorite food? MMM my moms chicken and dumplings, roast, meatloaf, mac and cheese, cookies, etc I like food!
Z: Zodiac sign? I was born on the cusp. So I am a Gemini/Taurus. Which basically means I am a two headed stubborn fool!

Your turn, have fun

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