Sunday, June 30, 2013

The List

In an attempt to change my mind set and daily mood, I have started writing down things, small things, that make me feel grateful, thankful and blessed. I think if I compile a list and it grows and grows everyday, then on the days I am feeling down and need to be lifted up, I can read this list and be reminded of all I have to be  grateful, and thankful for.
Now I could just write it in a notebook (to then misplace in my organized chaos of a house) or I can put it here and add to it when ever I want, while sharing it with whoever may read it.

The List

1. Michael's compassion
2. Felix's cuddles
3. Gracie kisses
4. Random text messages from my husband
5. Trevor's inquisitive thoughts
6. Uplifting blog posts
7. Music
8. Life long friends
9. Life lessons
10. Education to better my mind and life

Good start for now.

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