Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

Here's the how to of the Five Minute Friday if your interested!!

The prompt today is In Between


Life has stages, you cant see them. Don't really know they are there until you move from one to another, or get stuck in between two. That's where I am. I am stuck in between. Not sure where to go or how to move. Afraid to get more stuck or make things worse.I am in the in between of life right now. Middle of my kids childhood, middle of my adulthood. The middle is the tricky part. How to live in the middle is the hardest part of life.

I have been in situations like this before, so I sit here and think back. How did I get out of the in between's before? I made a decision, a choice and acted on it. Why is that the hardest part of life? We spent so much time in between decisions and choices that we miss out on life. So much time is spent in the decision making process and then we spend the acting and living part wondering if we should have choose different. 
I don't want to be in between any more. I want to choose life and live it I want to be. Just be. Nothing more. Enjoy my beautiful chaotic life that GOD has given me and not worry about the in between. 


Well that's it. See ya next week

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Jacque Watkins said...

Oh yes, the in-between is hard..uncertain..confusing at times. But maybe its the time we grow most, preparing to live fullest, even as we wait. Blessings to you!